Natural swimming holes, created as a result of the collapse of limestone bedrock, Cenotes are truly beautiful escapes into nature with clear, mineral-rich waters and lush landscapes. There are several incredible cenotes to explore in the region, but our favorite is the Gran Cenote.
Gran Cenote is located just a stones throw from Tulum. It is ideal for those looking to explore and enjoy the natural beauty that this area has to offer. This circular cenote is perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling with stalagmites to admire under the beautifully clear waters.

Gran Cenote


Coba Ruins
Surrounded by two large lagoons, the Coba Ruins were first discovered by archaeologists in the mid 1800s, and is still largely not excavated due to the dense jungle that surrounds it. Coba is estimated to have 6,000 structures, three of which are available for viewing by the public. Experience the ruins on foot, bicycle or Mayan limo, a chauffeured tricycle that invites you to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Tulum RuinsTulum Ruins
Once a major hub for international trade, Tulum’s greatest attraction through the ages has been its location. Constructed on a gorgeous Caribbean facing bluff, with sunrise views, this is the only Mayan Ruins located directly on the beach of the Caribbean Sea. Millions of people have visited this ruin on the Riviera Maya due to the spectacular views and incredible history behind the site.

Sian Kaan

Floating Mangroves
Experience the beauty of the Sian Kaan with a boat tour through a labyrinth of natural mangrove canals filled with tropical birds. During the trip, you will view an incredible Mayan Ruin Temple as well as exotic butterflies, native orchids and beautiful flora and fauna. After exploring the temple, take a relaxing float down a native Mayan channel through crystal clear waters. Return to the lagoon entrance via your private boat where you may spot manatees swimming to the surface for air. This boat tour allows one to get close with the special nature of the Sian Kaan Reserve and Mayan history.

Shops & Restaurants of Tulum

With streets lined in brightly colored buildings, and the air filled with enticing with fresh sea area and the aromas of authentic Mexican cuisine, the town of Tulum calls to all who visit. A true mecca for delicious fare, dangerously delicious cocktails and beautiful fashions, even the most discerning traveler will find much to appreciate in this culturally vibrant location.